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SuSha on the Historic Streets of Hyderabad!

SuSha a.k.a Sumana & Shashank!

These two are so opposite, and yet so similar.

SuSha had very little time in India, just before their Gala Reception, we decided on their Pre-Shoot on the Streets of Hyderabad!

Our spontaneous stroll on the streets gave us the best experience of a lifetime.

Sha - did his schooling in Hyderabad, he was our cute guide for the day, who showed his Wife and Us this beautiful City.

Our day started with the walk towards the famous Charminar Mosque, we let loose SuSha in their own element.

These US returns hadn't had Bun Maska and Irani Chai, for years.

And Sha insisted, his Beautiful Wife to taste the specialty of Hyderabad.

While they sipped their Chai, we photographed their moments.

Not forgetting Sha didn’t miss the opportunity to go on his knees and make Su remember this moment forever.

We also witnessed a spectacular view of Qutub Sahi Tombs and Golconda Fort.

Our beautiful Su - got a little angry with the gatekeeper of Qutub Sahi Tombs who didn't allow us to Photographs at this beautiful place.

Aahhhh but we guess that was meant for the best because right opposite the Tombs the garden gave an amazing view which was mesmerizing.

What better than making a beautiful story here!

The day was spent with so much knowledge about the City Culture and with the Love of SuSha which made the city all the more beautiful.

Photographs By - Amritraj Esakkiappan

Assisted By - Gaurav Parker

Concept & Written By - Drishti Mishra

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