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Mad Crazy Destination Cocktail & Pool Party !!!

Documented by a Single Photographer !!!

As soon as we arrived at the Destination - Tropical Retreat, Igatpuri;

With all the quirks, smirks and inside jokes, we felt we were part of the fam & friends gang!

Both families welcomed their guests with Dhol Dancing.

Kickstarting the day with Pool Party.

Everyone threw each other in the pool.

Boozed & Played their hearts out.

Yesha & Saket started getting ready for the Grand Cocktail Wedding Party!!!

Both fathers gave a loving speech for their Daughter & Son.

Fam & friends performed with their love.

Words won't suffice the Emotions of the Photographs!!!

Let the Mad Crazy Party Begin !!!


You don't need a gang of Shooters to create your day, but you need 1 exact person who documents your emotions)

Photographs by - Yours Truly - Amritraj Esakkiappan

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