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Team Photomist

Meet Amritraj:

A qualified film-maker, Amritraj is actually a master ‘craftsman’. An artist, for whom, his camera is his paint-brush with which he creates magic on the canvas of your life.

Naturally blessed with an eye which sees uniqueness in even the most normal situations, Amritraj converts ordinary moments into extra-ordinary ones with his clicks.

His fantastic vision combined with his artistry is a combination which ensures that the captured moments are etched in your memory forever.

The man behind the camera speaks:

I am not much with words, but yes here we go…!

Creating memories and experimenting with new styles is what I Do, what I Live and Breathe.

I am a light and frame chaser; I believe in creating something ‘unique’, ‘raw’ and ‘beautiful’ each day.

For me having a vision in every photograph is really important and that’s what will reflect in our ‘Photomist Gallery’.

These visions come out strong when clients trust me completely on what I do and give me freedom in portraying my strongest frames.

As they say, a photograph speaks a thousand words, so, I’d rather let my photographs speak for myself. So, comes lets frame you!!!




Meet Drishti:


While Amritraj has the vision, ‘Drishti’ is the literal and actual vision of ‘Team Photomist’. A Law graduate, she is the epitome of bold and strong imagination. She is the ideal partner for Amritraj. While Amritraj weaves magic with his frames and clicks, Drishti brings those images to life with beautifully woven words. Such is her mastery that you will experience each and every photo conversing with you.

And, when she is not writing, she is busy helping Team in the photo-shoots. Thanks to her brilliant observation skills and a curious mind, she is able to identify the finer nuances in every frame and help the Team bring them to life.

The writer speaks:

Documenting words in stories gives me immense pleasure. You can see that in our ‘Photomist Blogs’. I love to talk and indulge in deep conversation with our clients and their family & friends. This helps us in breaking the ice and gives us best documentation of photographs without awkwardness.

Directing concepts and experimenting with new ideas is totally my thing!

I always ensure that none of our projects have a dull moment by ensuring that a sense of humour and light banter prevails in the environment where we are working. Curiosity of stories got me here, and I believe that I am in a happy place now!




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