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Samiksha + Rajat Wedding Day

Every couple puts their heart and soul into their wedding; from clothes to decoration a lot of efforts goes every day in wedding planning; sometimes it goes as you have planned but yet sometimes things go hay way.

Meet - Rajat & Samiksha school lover/buddies, knowing each other since 7th grade decided to upgrade their relationship to ‘Marriage’. When the foundation of a marriage is laid by one such strong relationship of ‘Friendship’ then there is nothing to worry.

They tied the knot on 4th December 2017. The day which no photographers/vendors/wedding planners and of course family/friends would ever forget!!

We started in the morning interviewing Rajat for the Wedding Movie, when suddenly sky turned into dark and cloudy and the only sentence he said was “I sense something is going to be wrong today”; we knew what it was as we had already seen the weather forecast, but as his team of memory capturer our work was to keep him motivated.

As the day started off, climate became pleasant, giving us no chance to worry! From baraat till the Bride’s Doli everything went well; just as they had planned.

Suddenly it thundered and started pouring heavily. Happiness on the faces was replaced by Worry!! Oh yes, it poured in December; which no one could very ever imagine.

As it was a Lawn wedding, everything washed out!!! But what remained constant, was their marriage ceremony and friends/family hauling and cheering the couple.

One thing that kept things stronger was the Bride!! Samiksha, she was so strong in the whole scenario and that we didn’t feel there was any such situation happening around us. When we had met her, she had mentioned it to us “I want to enjoy my wedding”, and that’s what she exactly did!!! The Rains didn’t stop her from living her day.

This marriage proved the unity and care among family/friends; where all just prayed and worked for the happiness of couple.

Here is the dramatic story these two, where friends were holding plastics and umbrellas, parents and family were in tears and us making space for ourselves for not missing all of these for single second!!

Photographs By: Amritraj Esakkiappan for Photomist

PS: We would like to Thank their friends for keeping us and our gears safe in such chaotic situation.

PPS: Wedding Trailer and Movie coming soon!!!!!

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