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Ravish + Pooja, A Vintage Day in the City!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

A Vintage Day in the City with Ravish & Pooja.

Ravish works in Merchant Navy and hence what better idea than Sailing for their Pre-

Wedding session.

Before sailing, we decided to capture some moments of them on the streets of Mumbai.

We met them at CST station and began the session.

One thing we knew would work with them is ‘keeping it simple’, and that’s exactly what

worked well!

As it was summers, as the day started passing, we had to shoot in Harsh Lights, but not

taking it as a negative weapon we made use to compile a better story with it.

They were complete delight to photograph, as they trusted us with our ideas of going

Vintage and gave us complete freedom to shoot the way we wanted.

Love. Like. Share!!!

Photographed By: Amritraj Esakkiappan

Assisted By: Gaurav Parkar

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