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Pre-Wed Planned Just in a Day?

We received a call, "Hi, this is Akshata", in a chirpy happy voice.

Within few minutes we decided on a Couple Shoot for the very next day, which was going to be exactly in 24hours !!!

This was a very challenging project, as at Photomist we usually first meet our Couple get to know them and then plan a shoot according to their personality.

Here it was just a phone call and a shoot the next day.

When we spoke to Akshata and Atlee we gelled so well, we exactly knew how this is going to turn.

From their costumes to location to schedule of the day everything was done quickly.

We believe Pre Shoots is all about your comfort zone with your partner and everything else is just a cherry on the cake.

These two A & A were so much fun to be with.

From the day time, we started photographing we all (crew and them) just kept on laughing out loud !!!

They just let us explore our creativity with their love and peppiness.

This was not only planned in a half-day but also Photographed these moments only in 4/5 Hours session.



In Frame - Akshata & Atlee.

Location - Sets and the City

Photography & Concept - Photomist

Assisted by - Gaurav Parker



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