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Janani + Sanjay - Sanjanani

Story of Two Individuals in Mumbai – the city where Sanjay and Janani grew up, just a few kilometers apart.

Both engineers, a year apart, went to the same classes and knew the same people but allthose years, their paths never crossed. Then, years later and miles away from Mumbai, their careers brought them to the New York city, but little did they know that life had other plans too!

Hence, Photomist did their Pre-Wedding in their very own ode to Mumbai - the city that made them who they are.

They met for the first time right in the middle of Grand Central Station in USA. That moment, their story took off, and there was one beautiful moment after another. They started to live for each other, a life that was beyond dream come true. Their love for travel and spirit of living life to the fullest took them places but through it all, they ended up finding each other. Every day has been phenomenal, ever since then.

Testimonial from Sanjanani: “Photomist team is phenomenal and went out

of their way to make the photoshoot experience interesting and fun, just the way we like it.Talented and well-rounded bunch of professionals, their down-to-earth attitude and youthful spirit makes them very easy to work with. The photos are nothing less than stunning and will be special for us to treasure for life.”

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