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Grand Destination Telugu Wedding - Culture filled with Fun!

It was a Hot Summer Afternoon, our Team Flew to Nellor to make stories for NRI Couple whom we lovingly call SuSha - aka Sumana & Shashank.

Drenching in sweat Su had a first ceremony where all the ladies of the house bathed her for a positive start to her Wedding rituals.

Indeed, Oh my! What a fun start it was!

The ceremony got turned into 'Water Splashing Holi', where not only Su was drenched but Sha was also dragged by the ladies.

SuSha made the ceremony fun and splashed in scorching heat with their love and laughter.

Just in time for their big day, SuSha got ready together in their Traditional Telugu Couture.

When Su entered her South Indian Beauty couldn't be ignored by anyone present there.

While Sha knew it was all going to be worth it.

Their wedding was filled with Traditional Telugu Rituals.

From Rice Play and Sparkle Play to Taking Blessings by the guests and Background Instrumental Music.

SuSha didn't miss the chance to play fun ceremonies with each other.

It was nothing but a culturally loved story!

A Grand Reception at Hyderabad was a cherry on the cake.

Where Sha surprised everyone with his entry performing in MohanLal's Song for his lady love.

These three days ended with Cocktail Party and Crazy Dancing.

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