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Chintan + Kripali Pre Engagement Shoot

People call them ‘Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot’; for us Photomist it is ‘Life Time Memories’ where you are care free of the world and chaos. And honestly, we love to make them Real!!

Meet - Chintan and Kripali, also known as ‘KriKriTanTan’ and yes, they are just fun loving and crazy like their name!

So, we first met them on Chintan’s Birthday Party shoot (don’t worry that will be uploaded soon); the very first meeting was so warm and comforting that we didn’t even feel we are meeting them for the first time!

As we gelled so well and of course after they appreciating our work, we met again to discuss about another shoot. So here it was about them getting engaged Le Méridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa far from the city chaos, just with their family and us!

As the discussion began we spoke about how we would love to have and engagement and also a pre-shoot. We exchanged ideas and headed to the shoot. We started the shoot early morning with loving couple in such an exotic location, feeling as if we are in Spain and not India.

Best part of all the photographs are that KriKriTantan believed in us and let us explore our creativity, without any doubt.

The love that Chintan has for Kripali, is been seen by the wide smile on her face. This guy makes her ‘smile’, we believe that is the best thing anyone can do for their loved one. His gesture for her and her smile for him, makes them a wonderful couple.

The whole day was filled with laughter and fun not only with them and but also with their family.

Also, not at all forgetting they taking care of us was really a very sweet feeling. We felt as if we all were on a Trip and having a gala time with these wonderful people.

Cheers to this day!

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