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A Pre-Wedding just a drive away from the City!

After a lot of planning, we narrowed down to a location, which was just a drive from the rush-rush Mumbai City for Stephan & Shravani’s couple portrait session.

The place was surrounded by beautiful Trees, Lake, Beach and not forgetting Little Hut House which made it perfect for this session.

It was a challenging session as a ‘single person’ was shooting both Cinematic Film and Photo.

While we were planning, we had a discussion of not creating a contemporary story and rather experimenting raw cinematic feel.

Despite their contrasting personalities, they mingled like cherry on a cake. We absolutely loved their chemistry and admire the fact that they were not reluctant to try new things to reach new heights of creativity.

Having such love and comfort among themselves, is easily reflected in the Cinematic Film and Photo.

Love. Like. Share!!!

Photograph and Film By: Amritraj Esakkiappan for Photomist

Assisted By: Gaurav Parker

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