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A Pre-Wed at Alibaug - Pooja & Piyush

We got a call from Pooja, enquiring about the Pre-Wedding Session.

A friend of Pooja referred our creativity to her.

As the planning began, Pooja & Piyush, told us they were leaving everything to us and would be comfortable with whatever we suggested.

We mutually considered selecting Alibaug as a location, as both mentioned they love beaches.

It was Early Morning of October 2018, we started their day with Sunrise in their resort.

A lovely misty morning where both of them were just in the moment.

We had a cute little moment inside their cottage, just letting them be.

Sunset and Sky were so surreal we couldn't stop ourselves from creating the best for them.

If you are our old tribe, you know our last but not the least photograph.

An absolute favourite, where we asked them to Run and Jump against the sunset, little did we know a stray started running behind them and we got our perfect lifetime favourite photograph.

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