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A Big Fat - 'Qubool Hai' !

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

These three days events were filled with traditions and emotional memories.

Nida & Juned - 'Qubool Hai'.

Mehendi & Haldi

It started with Nida's Mehendi & Haldi.

She entered with Yellow attire and was welcomed by everyone with smiles and hugs.

The ceremony started with her Mehendi and was followed by Haldi, where Juned's family got his jhooti Haldi and applied to Nida and pampered her with gifts.

Family members dressed her with flower jewellery.

Two little nieces dedicated a dance performance for her.

The ceremony ended with Blush on Nida's face when Juned came to see her.


We love when Bride's get ready at their home.

It sort of gives the feel of comfort and we get to witness simple moments.

While Nida was getting ready, her mother observed her beautiful daughter.

Grandmothers and Parents were emotional to see her being a bride.

Everyone was just awestruck by Nida's Beauty when she entered the banquet.

Both Juned & Nida shared cute glances throughout the ceremony.

Nida's niece recited the Duas (prayers) during the Nikah.

Joyous and Emotional moment was felt across the place when both said 'Qubool Hai'.

The Journey of Togetherness began.

Nida and her family couldn't tears while she was leaving for her new journey.


Walima was a grand affair at St Regis.

A day prior Nida was pampered by her parents, while today she was overlooked by her husband Juned.

The duo before the ceremony had a lovely time dressing up together, this showed the transition of a girl stepping on a new journey.

Nida & Juned were blessed and congratulated by everyone at the Walima ceremony.

Due to continuous events Nida, fell sick and was resting for some time, oh we photographed that too!

This is one of our favourite pictures, where she is taking a moment with herself, while the ceremony is on.

The Whole Story is shot by - 1 Single Photographer !!!

In Frame - Nida & Juned

Location - St. Regis

Photography & Films - Photomist

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